Pangaea Productions


What we do

We specialise in Renewable Energy, including Battery Storage.

With the latest battery technology, we can provide the following advantages:


Why we do it

We love helping customers become more Independent
and more aware of Renewable Energy by 'doing more with less'

How we do it

We use our Ethical code of conduct to always help you achieve your goals
as well as achieving ours.

Technical Services


Battery Storage

Lithium Titanate batteries
are the most cost effective


Battery Inverters

OffGrid / OnGrid configurations
that suit your circumstances


Solar Glass PV

Windows that generate electricity
as well as earn you money


Bifacial Solar Panels

Solar Panels generating
500 Watts


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine
generating 500 Watts

remote portable

Portable Remote Power Plant

Instead of using Diesel, Ecoskid
will deliver Clean Energy


Pangaea Productions is about developing awareness, understanding and appreciation for renewable energy.
We will take you through the current technologies and work out which configuration best suites your requirements.
Inspired by Buckminster Fuller, we are 'doing more with less'.

Pangaea Productions is also interested in the enrichment of cultural diversity through the celebration of the performing and visual arts.
We produce music, art and provide publicity, illustration and graphic design services.

Why the name PANGAEA
Pangaea (pronounced Pan-gay-a) is the name given to the single land mass which existed about 245 million years ago before the shifting of the continental plates. There were no borders and therefore no limitations. The environment was natural, untouched and everything could grow freely. "Pan" is from the Greek meaning "all" and "Gaea" is the name for the mythical Greek goddess of the Earth.


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Melbourne Australia


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