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Pangaea Productions is about developing awareness, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity through the celebration of the performing and visual arts. We produce music and art based events and provide publicity, illustration and graphic design and web design services. In addition to Tracey's concert performances and art exhibitions, she contines to record CDs and produce new series of fine artworks and has done several art commissions for clients wanting that uniquely special piece of personlised art. We can provide a creative, fast and reasonably priced illustration and graphic design service, primariy for (but not limited to) musicians and artists to assist with their promotional material including CD artwork, posters, art cards, flyers, web graphics etc.

Why the name PANGAEA
Pangaea (pronounced Pan-gay-a) is the name given to the single land mass which existed about 245 million years ago before the shifting of the continental plates. There were no borders and therefore no limitations. The environment was natural, untouched and everything could grow freely. "Pan" is from the Greek meaning "all" and "Gaea" is the name for the mythical Greek goddess of the Earth.

Lyrics from the song "SNAP" by Tracey Roberts


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