Progress on our Timberline 45ft 3/8th Dome;

The dome building process was extremly satisfying and lots of fun. The frame was up in two days.

December 2008:

Here is the latest addition to the project; Window blinds with a difference (YouTube video in ".wmv" format)

January 2008:

We are finished - Yeh !!!;

The Driveway has been sealed

Driveway view from parking area

Driveway view back to the road

Some fun you can have inside a 9mtr high dome

And then it can become the kids cubby house

Do you want to go into outerspace on a 4 mtr rocket ship?

May 2005:

My god, it's been 12 months since my last update. We have finally done it. We've finished the inside so these photos should support my excuses for not keeping this page uptodate;

The internal open plan means we have to delineate each space with furniture. The Carpet is down, the slate looks fantastic on the fire hearth

The open plan mezzanine level has become the train set play area

The timber balcony rail and the carpeted staircase feel great

The fire flue is bit of a feature now along with the design of the mezzanine level bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe

... and here is an exterior shot - more to come

April 2004:

I have been very slack with my updates but as you can see, we have made some progress;

The second iteration of kitchen space. This is the food preperation side

this is the washup side

Here is the beginnings of level 3

Level 3 looks like the poop deck of a ship

The third iteration of kitchen space

This is the food preperation side

This is the washup side

This is a closeup of the food preperation side, complete with stove, sink, boiling water tap and a built in compost bin

October 2008:

Very slow progress in the last few months;

Our camping kitchen for the past 12 months

Ready for the update

Wild venison(oops, I mean deer), in the back yard

May 2008:

There's no excuse for being so slack. We have made some progress over the past few months but I must admit, not much. Here is a short selection;

The finished deck looks fantastic

Laying carpet in the hall way to finish downstairs

We finally have stairs up to our bedroom level

The curve feels great

December 2002:

Slow progress coming upto the festive season but we do have our balcony railing up just in time for all the BBQs

The stainless steel railing offers us uninterrupted views

another angle

Welding the railing around the fern spot

Now how the hell are we going to get a tree fern in there?

Andrew shows me how to get up and clean the windows

The windows get cleaned for the first time

How's that :)

This is what it will look like from our bedroom level once it's ready

November 2002:

Finally, we're in. It's been a very traumatic time these last 3 months, but check out what we have done. It's by no means finished but who cares - when you can enjoy something like this;

The living area

The dining and living area

The fireplace area

The entrance area

The kitchen area (as you can see, we are using a camping stove)

August 2002:

We are so close to habitable stage, we can hardly wait.

Hot water is connected

Starting the stonework around the fire place

The painting of the inner lining is coming along well

The pentagon window is a masterpiece

The fireplace is finished

The internal painting is going well

Our temporary kitchen

Tracey & Daniel sitting on the door step

'R'ating 3 insulation goes into the walls and ceiling

The office fitout is going well

The firepump being installed

July 2002:

We have just returned from 3 weeks holiday to find some great progress has occurred. The shingles are on and the inner panels are in although the finish is not satisfactory. We also still need to get our big window installed but that should happen around the 23rd July.

The lower tank is connected

The view from the lower tank after shingles have been finished

The shingles are finished

The stonework inside looks great

The mains pressure gas is ready to be tapped

Our Pentagon window still needs glass

The balcony doors from the top of the scaffolding

The bedroom walls from the top of the scaffolding

The entrance way stonework looks fantastic

The entrance way view from the driveway

The entrance way view from the driveway again

The glass goes into the pentagon window

Inside the entrance hall

A great photo of the internal space so far

The pentagon window is finished now

The stone work after the acid wash

June 2002:

June will see us through to lockup stage without a doubt. Our estimate is that the shingles will take about 2 weeks to install.

The guys installing the shingles have designed a great chair for manouvering around the dome

All the windows are glass and this is one of the openable ones

These windows are fixed and the flashing blends in very well with the shingles

The Header tank provides us with rain water but we have town water feeding into the tank if we need it

The spot for the lowertank (below the house), so we can catch rain water

The local Kookaburra keeping an eye on things

The office door and the garage door

Our first open fire

A classy toilet window which will have leadlight glass in it one day

This view shows the painted finish and the pentagon window(early morning sun facing) which still needs to be glazed

The shingles guys are doing well now but I hope the rain doesn't beat them

Now the lower tank is connected

The stone work around the triangular window will be great

Our pentagon window starts to take on another dimension

The shingles are almost there :)

The shingles are almost to the top

The driveway view from the top

May 2002:

May will be a bit slower because we are waiting for the dome windows to be made and installed before we can continue. Currently the estimate is about 2 weeks.
The actual time was 3 weeks and now the windows are installed (it only took 2 days). Now the shingles can go on and we can get to waterproof stage - Hoorah :)

This is what the inner panels will look like

Everyday the stone work seems to change

This is what the house looks like from lower down the block

Our 7th site meeting

The view from the living room floor

One of the window views

One of the window frames

The fire place with flue extending through to the roof

The first open fire in the Dome down-under, and you can see the shingles going on (to the left)

This stonework photo also shows the spouting style

April 2002:

The dome kit leaving the USA

The dome arrives on site

Unloading the dome

Reading the blueprints

Tightening up the riser walls

Placing the base connectors

Installing the first layer of triangles

Tracey on the scaffold installing struts

Our neighbours

We put the base structure up within 8 hours

Now for the Studs

Half way there with the studs

The view from the road

The stonework is coming along really well

Once the studs are finished, the outer panels go on

Two nail guns would be handy for this job

Someone needs to bring the panels up

Me nailing the panels on (with a harness)

Almost there now

All the outer panels are on now and it took 1 week

The view from the road makes it look like a planitarium - where's the telescope

Ken the painter doing the windows and doors

The view from inside

My mate Sandy welding the skyhook to the very top of the dome for future access

This should be solid enough

The stonework is looking great now

The entrance will look fantastic

The last entry for April will not disappoint



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