Renewable Energy

Battery Technology

Zenaji's Lithium Titanate (LTO) cells are a leap forward in battery storage.
They offer market leading robustness, safety, life-span and the most cost-effective solution available in the world today.
They are designed for use in domestic, commercial and stand-alone energy storage installations.

Solar Panel & Battery Offer

incredible solar

Incredible Solar
has created this fantastic 6.63 kW configuration
which offers a +20 years warranty and the safest (no fires), battery available today.

incredible solar


Battery Storage - Zenaji Aeon Battery (4 x 1.93KWh)


Clean Energy Council declares Zenaji Aeon Battery as certified


Commercial Battery Storage - Zenaji Eternity Battery (>30KWh)

With a 20,000 cycle life and high maximum continuous charge rate, Zenaji Batteries take full advantage of solar & wind energy. The average home has peak usage in the morning and evening. By cycling twice per day, the battery utilises all available solar energy to provide stable power supply throughout the entire day. No other battery on the market has the cycling ability, performance, life span and safety, making them a sound economic investment.

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To help you decide if installing batteries is worth it, try out the SolarQuotes Calculator

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The Zenaji Aeon Battery is currently the best on the market

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Inverter Technology



We have direct access to all manner of Renewable Energy products,
supplying full "turn-key" solutions for most environments,
including Schools, Homes, Business's Both On and Off Grid,
Mobile Caravan, RV and Camping.
It is our belief that a Renewable future is the answer.
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Solar Energy

solarglass * click image for energy generation statistics

Solar Glass PV

"Our Integrated clear glass solar panel technology presents a paradigm shift
in the way glass will be used in building construction, automobiles, agriculture and specialty products.
Glass will no longer be just a component of construction
but also a renewable energy resource."
- Victor Rosenberg (EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN)
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How it works

Combined innovations in Advanced glazing, PhotoVoltaics & Solar Windows

Solar Panel potential


Solar Panels

Using Bifacial panels and Microinverters on each panel
ensures great efficiencies and the highest safety standards
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Wind Energy


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

This model has a rated power output of 500W and comes in a compact form.
Package includes turbines, controller and inverter.
Pole for mounting not included.

Portable off grid Power


EcoSkid - Portable Power

Are you in middle of nowhere with no power?
The EC0G3N is a Hybrid Power Supply designed as a direct alternative to diesel generators.
It utilises portable solar panel kits, batteries and inverters to generate, store and distribute power.
Minimising fuel, labour and service costs dramatically,
the EC0G3N reduces emissions and improves environmental outcomes
and will be delivered on the back of a truck.





Since 2016, HydrOxyGas has been developing an innovative type of energy storage that consists of converting DC power (from the solar panels), into H2 (Hydrogen) using an highly efficient technology using electrolysers.
The HydrOxyGas system stores the gas safely and can then be used for any purpose. It can even be used to produce AC power via the HydrOxyGas proprietary PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane), Fuel Cell.
The HydrOxyGas system can be retrofitted and is low cost. All components are guaranteed to last longer than a lifetime.
The HydrOxyGas system is called SolarGas™ and is divided into two subsystems that can be purchased and installed individually:

A full SolarGas™ system is 100% carbon neutral.

The Australian Hydrogen Strategy

Published in December 2019, The National Hydrogen Strategy sets a vision for a clean, innovative, safe and competitive hydrogen industry that benefits all Australians. It aims to position our industry as a major player by 2030.

The strategy outlines an adaptive approach that equips Australia to scale up quickly as the hydrogen market grows.
It includes a set of nationally coordinated actions involving governments, industry and the community.


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