Renewable Energy

Battery Technology


Battery Storage

Zenaji's Lithium Titanate (LTO) cells are a leap forward in battery storage.
They offer the most robust, safe, longest life and most cost effective solution available in the world today.
The battery is designed for use in domestic and commercial solar and stand-alone energy storage installations.
We have developed manufacturing processes and a Battery Management System (BMS)
which optimises the Lithium Titanate (LTO) cells, simplifies the battery design
and reduces the circuitry required for effective cell management.
With a 20,000 cycle life and high maximum continuous charge rate
Zenaji Batteries take full advantage of solar & wind energy.
The average home has peak usage in the morning and evening.
By cycling twice per day, the battery utilises all available solar energy
to provide stable power supply throughout the entire day.
No other battery on the market has the cycling ability, performance,
life span and safety, making them a sound economic investment.

If you use this promotion code 'Pangaea-Zenaji', you will be able to purchase this new Battery Technology from
Zenaji Australia at the price of AUD$2599 +GST (per 2kw module).

Battery Inverter Technology


Battery Inverters

We have direct access to all manner of Renewable Energy products,
supplying full "turn-key" solutions for most environments,
including Schools, Homes, Business's Both On and Off Grid,
Mobile Caravan, RV and Camping.
It is our belief that a Renewable future is the answer.

Software and Website Design


Website Design

We use the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method
as the process to design, develop and test high quality software.
The SDLC aims to produce software that meets or exceeds
customer expectations and reaches completion
within timeframe and cost estimates. Agile principles are practiced

Solar Energy

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Wind Energy

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