Renewable Energy

Battery Technology


Battery Storage

Zenaji's Lithium Titanate (LTO) cells are a leap forward in battery storage. They offer the most robust, safe, longest life and most cost effective solution available in the world today.
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With a 20,000 cycle life and high maximum continuous charge rate, Zenaji Batteries take full advantage of solar & wind energy. The average home has peak usage in the morning and evening. By cycling twice per day, the battery utilises all available solar energy to provide stable power supply throughout the entire day. No other battery on the market has the cycling ability, performance, life span and safety, making them a sound economic investment.

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The Zenaji Aeon Battery is currently the best on the market

Specification (pdf 1.8mb)
Warranty (pdf 100kb)

$2750 AUD (incl. GST) *plus freight


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Inverter Technology



We have direct access to all manner of Renewable Energy products,
supplying full "turn-key" solutions for most environments,
including Schools, Homes, Business's Both On and Off Grid,
Mobile Caravan, RV and Camping.
It is our belief that a Renewable future is the answer.
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Solar Energy

solarglass * click image for energy generation statistics

Solar Glass PV

"Our Integrated clear glass solar panel technology presents a paradigm shift
in the way glass will be used in building construction, automobiles, agriculture and specialty products.
Glass will no longer be just a component of construction
but also a renewable energy resource."
- Victor Rosenberg (EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN)
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How it works

Combined innovations in Advanced glazing, PhotoVoltaics & Solar Windows

Solar Panel potential


Solar Panels

Using Bifacial panels and Microinverters on each panel
ensures great efficiencies and the highest safety standards
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Wind Energy


Virtical Axis Wind Turbine

This model has a rated power output of 500W and comes in a compact form.
Package includes turbines, controller and inverter.
Pole for mounting not included.

Portable Remote Power Plant



The EcoSkid is a Hybrid Power Supply designed as a
direct replacement for diesel generators at remote sites.

Software and Website Design


Website Design

We use the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method as the process to design, develop and test high quality software.
The SDLC aims to produce software that meets or exceeds
customer expectations and reaches completion within timeframe and cost estimates.
Agile principles are practiced.


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